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Dear Community,


As everyone is aware with the war in Israel, our security team, headed by Joey Antebi and Robert Garson, has been on high alert. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for our community members. We ask that everyone remain vigilant and if you see something please report it to security if you are at Magen David, or 911 if anywhere else.

This Shabbat we will have a Florida trooper officer during services on top of our regular security. We have also requested to have Surfside Police to be patrolling during services.


Also be aware that we have a group of volunteers who are trained and are carrying in synagogue. If one of them asks you to give up your seat so they can have a better vantage point, please cooperate. This is all about protecting each other. Although every American citizen has the right to bear arms, however, the synagogue is a private institution, and only those that have been registered and approved to carry within the synagogue, are permitted to do so. If you choose to carry a firearm and are not registered and approved by our synagogue’s security committee, you will be refused entry. There will be height and security checks for those entering the Shul on Shabbat; please bear with us as all bags will be searched.


This week we will also not be permitting children to play outside in the yard, all groups will be taking place indoors under the supervision of Shany Cohen at all times (starting 9:30am). We ask parents to adhere by the following rule: your kids must be in the kids’ group or next to you indoors. If your children do not follow this very simple rule, you will be asked to leave.

There will not be a Youth Minyan on Shabbat morning, they will be joining the main Minyan. That space will be utilized by the kids’ groups.


Please refrain from gathering, loitering or socializing at the front of the building or on the street at 93rd and 94th corners. This applies before, during and after prayers.


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and for your commitment to the safety of our congregants.

Hashem safeguards us all, nevertheless, it behooves us to exert our best efforts within the realm of our influence.


We beseech for the well-being and security of the entire Klal Israel, particularly our cherished defenders within the ranks of the IDF, and those dwelling in our sacred Eretz Israel.


Magen David Congregation

Help protect our soldiers with essential gears they need.
All purchased in Israel, available to the soldiers within hours.


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Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784